Discover Your Creative Side and Help People to Succeed.

A creative person is motivated by desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others – Ayn Rand

In this competitive arena of corporate world and in our pursuit of climbing the corporate ladder faster and sooner, we are so focused on achieving our goal of attaining the highest leadership position and earning more and more money that, sometime we forgot or just suppress our creative side of doing things like painting, writing an article or even helping, inspiring & caring people which always has the potential to calm our soul and make us happy.

In today’s highly tensed and fast paced office environment it’s very important and now it’s the time we must start discovering our creative and inner passion and not just focus only on reaching the highest point of corporate ladder.

But, today I am not writing an article here on how to discover your creative side and how to do your inner passion searching, I am writing here in different prespective and inviting you to joining us for noble cause of helping and guiding people.

I know you might be thinking, Oh it’s seems to be one of those business development pitch from another consulting guy and let me close this post and move on, but wait and I request you to kindly hang on for few more seconds.

Today my purpose of writing this article and approaching you is, not for getting more business and earning more money, but on a different note it’s all about helping, motivating and guiding hundred and thousands of candidates and new entrants to corporate world, who need our valuable advice, tips, guidance and support in enhancing their career or getting the job they are aiming for to enhance their living and progress in their career and life.

Here, again please do not misunderstand me, I am not approaching you to provide jobs or one on one advice to these hundred of candidates and I know it’s not possible with your busy and hectiic schedule, I am approaching you to join me in helping, motivating and guiding these candidates and new entrants of corporate world.

And how we can do that…?

I will tell you how easily we can do that without stepping out of our office or routine work with little effort from our side. We are working on creating a virtual career center on our website to provide all the valuable tips, guidance, articles, podcast, videos and other information to these new entrants of corporate world, like how to enhance your career or how to get the job he or she is looking for, how to prepare for interview or how to increase your efficiency or how to stand out from other performer etc. you name the topic which will help these candidate and we will together provide that information and guidance on that to these newbie’s

We have thought we will provide any information which will help a newbie who has just entered the corporate world to excel and do his works efficiently free of cost in this our virtual career center.

Also, I know it very well, that alone with my small team I will not be able to do it in way to make a significant difference, hence thought to approach my fellow professional working in various companies and who have gained valuable experience, skills and knowledge in talent and people management field after working for so many years and who always have some inspiring real life expierences, stories or other valuable tips, guidance, work secretes or knowledge to help and guide these newbie’s by writing a small article, tips, recording a podcast or a video or anything which you feel will help in showing right path to these candidates for our virtual career center blog.

“But, I am so busy with my work, I don’t know how to write articles, I don’t have time to complete my own work and why should I waste my time, skills and knowledge in helping these newbie’s when I am not going get anything out of it. It’s all only propaganda and drama”

I was also thinking like this when this thought of helping and guiding these newbie’s came to my mind and when I discussed with my team, many of them have also said the similar things, but eventually we all agree that we all have a creative side of us along with a natural internal desire to help and guide a person or a newcomer but we all are so busy in running in our corporate formula one race that we always suppress our creative side and natural desire to help, guide and motivate people.

That where I thought let me start this career center blog in our website and I will try to approach my fellow hr professional to share their knowledge, skills, guidance, tips or steps on career enhancement in the form of a article for these new entrants of corporate world which we will publish in our career center blog with your name and with a small one or two line intro about you at the end of each article.

If you have not written any articles, or recorded any podcast or video so far or you are not sure on which topic you will like to write an article or tips, then its fine, you no need to worry about it. We are here to help you in this. Trust me it’s easier than preparing our normal team meeting presentation.

Just gather your thoughts on one particular topic on career enhancement idea and bring it down to paper (ms word in particular here) or a voice recorder and send to us and we will put this thought in structured article/podcast, edit it and will publish it in our career center blog with your name and intro.

I know it’s not easy for you to do it and take time out for this thing, but trust me if you do this there are no other joy and happiness when you see that a simple help or guidance from you have change someone’s life or career path and helped him to grow and enhance his career.

I have done this many times and inner joys which I used to feel is unexplainable. We feel happy when we succeed but trust me you will feel more happy when you help someone to succed in his career or lfe. Just try it once and you will see the difference. Just for one time on this weekend and try to write one 600 word article or record a podcast or video of 10 minutes on any topic you like from your area of expertise and you will see how easily thoughts from your mind comes to paper or to a recorder.

I may be sounding too spritual here and now I am thinking this article is getting longer than I have expected when I started writing it. I am also not a professional writer, I just put on paper what I have thought. It may sound stupid or irrational but I thought I will write these thoughts and also share with you. Now it’s upto you how you think about it.

So let’s just cut it sort for now and let me have the honor to invite you in joining us in our noble cause of helping, guiding & motivating people and new entrants of corporate world to enhance their career.

If you feel and think it makes some sense in what I am trying to say to you, then don’t hesitate, discover your creative side write an article, or record a podcast on top 10 tips this weekend and send to us at and we will be happy to publish in our career center blog. So, its time to mark this task in your calendar and start thinking about it.

Thank you so very much for your patience and reading this article. Have a wonderful creative thinking to discover your creative side and help people to succeed.

Please feel free to contact us, in case you have any thoughts, questions, queries, and doubts on how to write an article or record a podcast, topic to choose or this whole career center idea and we will be at your service.



Claricent International Consulting.

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