HR Process Outsourcing


Are you looking for ways to potentially cut costs and unburden your shrinking Human Resources staff members? Do you have staff working until six and seven at night? Are you going home each day feeling as if you will never catch up? If so, join the crowd - or choose not to join. Outsource instead.


According to Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) "The current economic climate is enabling organizations to explore tactics to remain competitive. Outsourcing of certain functions is an increasingly popular way to improve basic services while allowing HR professionals time to play a morestrategic role in their organizations."



For great companies who need help with Human Resources but don’t have an unlimited budget, your solution is here –HR Process Outsourcing.


Retaining Claricent International as your HR Outsourcing Partner will be a smart move to economically get the HR services you need, without the ones you don’t. We support companies with everything they need, including development of their company culture, talent recruiting, growth strategies, payroll services, benefits administration, performance management and policy creation.


Top 10 Reason Companies Outsource HR Services.

Unlike other HR companies or providers, you get to select the services you need at a budget you can afford.


What we offer you as your HR Outsourcing Partner :


  • ·         Day to Day HR Assistance.

  •           ​Employee Handbook/ Policy & Procedure Review & Audits

  •           Recruiting and Hiring Practices in compliance with Legal Requirements 

  • ·         Policies Formation & Integration

  • ·         Development of Culture

  • ·         Alignment with Business Purpose & Strategy

  • ·         Leadership Development

  • ·         Payroll & Benefits Administration

  • ·         Performance Management

  • ·         HR Technology (HRIS, Reporting, Payroll/ Benefits integration)

  • ·         HR Statutory Compliance (Gratuity and others) 

  • ·         Recruitment and Post Selection Services (Applicant Tracking and Screening, Job Postings, Reference check)

  • ·         Recruiting & Onboarding.

  •           Training & Learning Modules and Schedules.

  • ·         Payroll Process (Salary & Leaves Processing)

  • ·         Total HR Process Outsourcing (Replacement of In-House HR function)


Once we engage, we’ll take time to discuss with you in details and get to know your business and the culture in which you operate.  We set our discussion and analysis keeping your business and your unique culture in mind. The results are better “fits”, greater long-term retention and improved job satisfaction.


We post your jobs, pre-screen, and offer a selection of candidates who don’t only meet the experience requirements of your open role, but that will be a great fit with you, your business, and the rest of your team. We find talent that you won’t find by  just posting on job boards.


Our Pricing are afordbale with various packages as per your company needs.


  • Hourly Rate for under 10 hours work per week

  • Hourly  Rate from 11-29 hours work per month

  • Hourly Rate over 30 hours of work per month


Retain us Today as Your HR Outsourcing Partner


Are you ready to get the help you need for your growing business?  Call us and one of our expierenced HR professionals will be happy to help and discuss with you in details for all your HR Outsourcing Needs.


The right path for your Human Resources needs is just a call away. Call Us Now.



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